Good Dirt Clay Studio

Located in Athens, Georgia, Good Dirt is a community clay studio with year-round pottery classes for adults and children and a gallery with a fine selection of work by professional artists.  If you have ever been interested in how pottery and ceramics are made, we hope you'll drop in and see us.  Our focus on community = something for everyone!


Artist Application 

We're honored that you'd like to join our Holiday Pottery Sale!  Thank you for wanting to be a part of it all - we can't wait to show you off to Athens.  The sale date will be Saturday, December 8th from 10am - 5pm. 

Yes, there is an application. But, it's not scary. I promise.  We just needed a way to be as streamlined and easy-peasy as possible. So, don't be intimidated.  This is still your friendly neighborhood pottery sale.

To be considered for the sale, please fill out the following form below in its entirety. We will need the submitted (emailed) form, your $35 application fee (all money goes towards group advertising), and 5 photos of your work as well as 1 of yourself submitted to us before accepting you into the sale.  There is no jurying process, no judging at all. However, we do require ALL materials before you are officially one of our sale artists. Yes, even you. Spots will go to the first 15 artists to submit all materials correctly and in their entirety. Please be sure to read each section and thoroughly understand the process and commitment.  We will let everyone know who is in the sale once we've received 15 applications in their entirety.

Thank you!  I think we will create a beautiful show together! And, I love you all.

Photo guidelines

  • 5 clear, well-lit and new images must be submitted of your work.
  • 1 image of yourself, preferably working in clay, also of good quality.
  • No images from previous sales may be used.
  • Choose well-lit images. Photos taken at high noon outside on a sunny day in Georgia will not translate well. Take your time with the photo - they are what promotes you and gets customers through our door!  If you want to take photos outside, the early morning or the evening "golden hour" are traditionally good times to take a picture.
  • Do not shoot your pot on a cluttered surface.  Multiple pots may be in a single image, just make sure they are arranged in a visually pleasing way.
  • Make sure the edges of the photo don't clip the image of your pot. In other words, make sure your whole pot is in the photo.
  • Give me room to crop. Don't take the photo so tight that I don't have options.
  • Make sure the photo isn't grainy or blurry.

Please complete the form below

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Please check each box to acknowledge you understand & agree to the following: *