Good Dirt Clay Studio

Located in Athens, Georgia, Good Dirt is a community clay studio with year-round pottery classes for adults and children and a gallery with a fine selection of work by professional artists.  If you have ever been interested in how pottery and ceramics are made, we hope you'll drop in and see us.  Our focus on community = something for everyone!

Burner rebuild continued...

Once I got the baffles welded into place within the burner tube I installed the burners back onto the kiln. The fuel and air were mixing thoroughly and producing a blue flame. However there was far too much turbulence and the flame was not passing into the kiln in a steady stream. I attempted to rectify this problem by inserting 12 small 1/2 inch diameter steel tubes into the tip of the burner to straighten out the flame. My initial test firing indicated that this fix was a success. Unfortunately when I lit the burner a second time a small blowback shot one of the tubes out of the burner. I decided to lightly tack weld the burner tubes in place and will test the kiln burners again tomorrow.