Good Dirt Clay Studio

Located in Athens, Georgia, Good Dirt is a community clay studio with year-round pottery classes for adults and children and a gallery with a fine selection of work by professional artists.  If you have ever been interested in how pottery and ceramics are made, we hope you'll drop in and see us.  Our focus on community = something for everyone!

come celebrate your birthday-festivus-retirement-book club-sorority social-pet anniversary-bat mitzvah-bridesmaid shower-cast removal, whatever... at Good Dirt!

(Just please save me a cupcake.  I love cupcakes.)

Good Dirt clay workshops are the perfect activity for any group.  Whether you want to host a team-building activity, a child or adult's birthday celebration, sorority function or just have a fun night out with family or friends, our two hour clay workshops let you relax and be creative in a very low-stress environment.  Our instructors will guide you through the technical side of constructing a project that can withstand drying and firing, and you add the creative spice that makes every piece unique.  With moist clay and a palette of colored slips, the possibilities are truly endless.  

With groups of eight to fourteen people, you have the option of working at the potter’s wheel to spin wet clay into all kinds of useful shapes like cups, bowls, and plates.  Groups larger than fourteen work with clay off the wheel to hand-build functional or sculptural projects.  Either way, it’s a lot of fun and sure to be a memorable experience.   

Children's Event Pricing:

$20/per child for hand-building parties with a $200 group minimum and $100 deposit

$25/per child for wheel parties with a $200 group minimum and $100 deposit

Adult Event Pricing:

All Adult Events are priced at $25/per adult, for both hand-building and wheel parties, with a $200 group minimum and $100 deposit.

If you're interested in hosting a party or event with Good Dirt, or would just like more information, please fill in the form below and we'll be in touch with you shortly. Thank you!

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