Good Dirt Clay Studio

Located in Athens, Georgia, Good Dirt is a community clay studio with year-round pottery classes for adults and children and a gallery with a fine selection of work by professional artists.  If you have ever been interested in how pottery and ceramics are made, we hope you'll drop in and see us.  Our focus on community = something for everyone!

Good Dirt calendar

Our beloved students - we hope that this helps you plan out your practice times. Please note that this calendar reflects the most up-to-date information for the current week of events and lists parties, private lessons and some due dates for the business.  In other words, not every entry is a party so make sure you read the text and not just see the blue block before deciding to skip coming in.  Also, we often get last-minute bookings so be sure to check back often and before heading to the studio. At the bottom of the page, you can find a schedule for the current term for classes. Thank you and we hope this helps everyone out! Warmly, Rob & Jess

Current schedule of classes for WINTER TERM:

(If you’re practicing during a class, please leave the front wheels free for students of the class)

SUNDAY:   2-4PM Family Try Clay Handbuilding (Usually very small)

                      7-9:30PM Beginning Wheel (12 people, 2 wheels free)

MONDAY: 7:30-9:30PM Throwing Bigger (12 students, 2 wheels free)

TUESDAY: 9:30AM - Noon Beginning Wheel - FULL

                     7-9:30PM Beginner Wheel- FULL

WEDNESDAY: 9:30AM to Noon Special Projects (11 students, 3 wheels free)

10AM to Noon Hope Haven Handbuilding (attendance varies, usually plenty of space)

                              7-9:30PM Special Projects Sculpture (8 students, some free table space)

7-9:30PM Beginning Wheel II - FULL

THURSDAY: 9:30AM to Noon Handbuilding & Wheel (8 students, space at wheels & table)

7-9:30PM Beginning Wheel - FULL

FRIDAY:  10AM to Noon Hope Haven Handbuilding (class varies in number, usually space)

7-9PM  Try Clay(Virtually always full)

SATURDAY: Only the parties and workshops noted on the calendar above.

BEST TIMES TO PRACTICE: Weekdays between noon and 7pm, weekdays before 9:30am or after 10pm, Saturdays all day except for parties, Sundays until 7pm except for parties, and Mondays until 7pm.